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  • What style of Tae Kwon-Do will I Learn?
    At the Brisbane Tae Kwon-Do Academy, you will learn the teachings of General Choi Hong-Hi, most commonly referred to ITF. The ITF, stands for International Tae-Kwon-Do Federation, and was established in March 22, 1966 to promote and foster the growth of the Korean Martial Arts at that time. This style taught at BTA will vary from other forms of Martial Arts or Tae-Kwon-Do styles, and is the traditonal self-defence oriented teachings of the art. The crest below is embroided on our Doboks, and is our association with the ITF Headquaters in Vienna, along with other clubs across Australia who train under the ITF.
  • Where did my Instructors learn Tae Kwon-Do?
    Our instructors have all trained and taught under Master Graham Moulden, of formally Queensland Self Defence and Tae Kwon-Do Academy (QSDTA) and ITF Tae Kwon-Do Thailand, and most recently under Master Anthony Coleman of ITF South East Queensland (ITFSEQ). The knowledge and skills they were taught by these Masters is knowledge they will pass onto you in your Tae Kwon-Do journey.
  • Do I have to be in good shape before I start?
    No, you will get into shape as you train. We have a series of exercises that you will learn as you progress through the ranking system which will enable you to perform the self defense techniques.
  • I am very busy with my work schedule, how much time do I need to devote to classes?"
    At BTA, we understand that work/life balance is important and that sometimes students simply cannot attend more than once a week. While it is recommended that students attend the two designated class times weekly, we have many students who train part-time or casually with us. To be considered for grading however, students must have trained for a certain amount of hours, and part time training may impact this.
  • When are classes?
    Classes are run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Burnie Brae Centre in Chermside. Classes are initially run with both adults and children training together, and those students that wish to train longer can stay for the full two hours.
  • Am I too old to start martial arts?
    You are almost never that old that you can't begin Taekwon-Do. Age and other non-modifiable factors are taken into account when presenting for gradings and will not hinder your Taekwon-Do journey. We have had students start at 50+ with great success If you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach!
  • How much does it cost to train?
    The cost to train will vary depending on your age, and whether you are training alone or with family! All prices will be discussed in class, but the average student fee is under $75 a month per person. There are additional costs, such as memberships, boards for breaking, and sparring gear that will come as you progress through the ranks. Feel free to pop us an email or discuss in club with your instructor!
  • What can I expect in each class?
    A normal class will consist of a through warm up period and stretching, patterns and fundamental movements, calisthenic movements, drills, self-defense and sparring. In the first 45 minutes we cater for younger students with a balance of work and play, utilising developmental games for agility, endurance and concentration!
  • What sort of things should I consider when choosing a school?
    When choosing a school you should consider your own personal learning style, or your childs learning style. At BTA, we focus on building confidence and fostering growth. While we do engage in tournament events, a majority of our class structure is learning through group activities, drills and more focused one on one time.
  • How long does it take to get a black belt?
    In ITF Taekwon-Do, getting your black belt can potentially take three years if training and grading consistently with no interruptions. However almost all students take longer in practice as gradings shouldn't be rushed and each student has to earn their rank, it is never just given out.
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