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Welcome to BTA!

The Brisbane Taekwon-Do Academy (BTA) was established in 2020, and is run by Sabum Michael, and boosabums Jack,Jess, and Tara, all dedicated and passionate instructors of Taekwon-Do!

Founded on the teachings of General Choi Hong Hi, the Academy teaches students through the ideals and tenets of Traditional Taekwon-Do - Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.  Students will learn traditional ITF patterns, as well as the practical use of blocks and attacks through step sparring and self-defence. The academy aims to foster confidence and personal growth in a judgement free environment, to help you reach your personal goals. 

At BTA, classes are optimised to allow students to put their best foot forward in learning and understanding materials.  Students will have the opportunity every three months to present to grade and progress through the ranks.   

Interested in trying out? Click the link above, or get in contract with us via email or one of our socials to book your free trial class today!  

meet the staff
Judo Belts

Sabum Michael is an Internationally recognised 5th Degree in TaeKwon-do.  He began training in early 2003, and has devoted almost 20 years to the art.  Sabum Michael brings a passion for free-sparring to the organisation, and is a nationally recognised Umpire B. He works as  Registered Nurse and enjoys cups of tea.

Sabum Michael

International Instructor


Boosabum Jess started training when she was 12 years old and has loved Taekwon-Do ever since. She achieved her 1st Dan in 2019 and is aiming to obtain her 2nd Dan in 2022. Her main ambition in Taekwon-Do is helping all students of different capabilities learn and thrive in their own way through disciline and Fun.  She is currently studying her bachelor of Biomedical Science and likes doing art in her spare time.

Boosabum Jess




Boosabum Jack

Boosabum Jack began training just outside of Cairns in 2011 and achieved his 2nd Dan black belt in November 2019. He has a strong desire for self improvement in both teaching and learning. He is focused on tailoring feedback to each student to make their Taekwon-Do journey the best it can be. He likes chess and is currently doing his bachelor of Psychology.

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